Radio Reboot

We have come upon a new era of what some will call “classic”, “retro” or even “oldies”.  The 1990s represents a huge change in the music world, in all formats and genres.  If you were 15 when R.E.M. put out Monster, you’re now 33 years old.  If you were a senior in high school as Nirvana shook things up in the music world, you’re now 38 years old and more than ready to reflect on the memories and relive the good times had. موقع ون كارد الجديد

The Radio Reboot is one of the very first programs launched to feature music and pop culture from the 1990s.  The parents and decision makers you want coming into your shop were listening to this as they were growing up forming memories… now you can attach your brand as they think about those days.

Each week host Reed Phillips plays the best music from the 1990s, along with “unplugged” versions and some of the most interesting insights about the artists. كازينو أون نت

To learn more visit The Radio Reboot or email Reed@TheRadioReboot.